Drive Product Adoption

Drive Product Adoption Improve onboarding, personalize training, and deliver smart self-serve support across your entire product suite.

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Maximize ROI with Whatfix for Desktop

94% of ISVs expect a DAP to improve the overall adoption of their product.
More than 90% of ISVs are confident that a DAP will improve their product’s onboarding experience

Over 75% of ISVs in the B2B enterprise space are considering implementing a DAP in the next 1-2 years

Convert your users into product evangelists

For Product Managers:

  • Delight users with a personalized onboarding experience
  • Drive adoption of key features with in-app interactive guidance and contextual Help
  • Seamlessly manage digital adoption content across your entire customer base

For Customer Success Managers:

  • Drive adoption with a seamless product experience and by evangelizing high value features
  • Obtain feedback through surveys to optimize user experience and drive retention
  • Highlight new features, drive awareness, and increase usage

For Training and Learning Professionals:

  • Drive down training and support costs with in-app training and on-demand support
  • Deliver context-sensitive Help and implement learning in the flow of work
  • Reduce the number of support queries by offering on-demand support in the moment of need

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