Digital Banking

Digital Banking Software Clicks Better With Whatfix’s Digital Adoption Platform

Enable end-users on nCino, Fiserve, or any banking applications and customer portals with contextual in-app guidance, reinforcement training, user communication, and moment-of-need support built with Whatfix’s no-code Visual Editor to drive end-user adoption and achieve digital banking technology outcomes.

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DAP on Banking Applications Benefits

Whatfix drives banking transformation with better digital banking application experiences.

Enable your end-users with contextual assistance and drive banking technology adoption.

Empower business borrowers to adopt new levels of digital convenience. Enable a self-service journey with interactive guidance across your loan portal, from origination to close. Reduce time-to-proficiency and enable digital banking application end-users with contextual, guided in-app experiences like Flows, Task Lists, and Smart Tips to improve productivity, drive adoption, and achieve banking outcomes. 



Support digital banking application end-users at the moment of need, driving productivity.

Whatfix enables all banking application end-users – from financial advisors, lenders, bank tellers, mortgage underwriters, account holding customers, etc. – to complete banking-related tasks such as account setup, mortgage origination, lending approvals, and more efficiently with in-app performance support at critical moments – eliminating banking digital friction, reducing errors made by end-users, and improving process governance.


Self Help

Overcome end-user friction and optimize digital banking application processes

With Whatfix Guidance Analytics, analyze how digital banking application end-users engage with your Whatfix-built in-app content, like Task List completion rates, Flow dropoffs, and Smart Tip views. With Product Analytics, capture and analyze banking end-user behavior and adoption without engineering support, including user actions, attributes, event tributes, and auto-capture to better frictionless banking experiences and workflows.



Whatfix DAP Features for DIGITAL BANKING

See How Whatfix Enables Banking Technology End-Users

In-App Guidance

Use Whatfix’s no-code Visual Editor to create in-app guided content in your digital banking and loan applications like Flows, Task Lists, Smart Tips, Beacons, Pop-Ups, Field Validations, and more. Onboard new end-users quickly with Tours and Task Lists, manage constant change with Pop-Ups, drive process adoption with Flows, alert users of timely information with Smart Tips, and more.


Self Help

Self Help is an in-app resource center that integrates with your banking end-user support content and company policies like your insurance SOPs, company procedures, playbooks, workflows, training resources, knowledge bases, FAQs, and more, providing a searchable help center with contextual answers to end-user queries. Self Help entries trigger in-app Flows to guide end-users through processes like how to reject a loan application or can link to external resources.


Guidance Analytics

Guidance Analytics provides digital banking application end-user engagement and usage data on your in-app content built with Whatfix. See Task List completion rates, Flow dropoffs, Smart Tip views, common Self Help queries, and more.



Multi-Format Content

Easily convert in-app guidance created for logging customer questions and modifying policies into additional content formats such as videos or documents with auto-content reformatting.


By The Numbers

The Whatfix difference

Increase in employee and customer productivity
Reduction on banking support queries

Reduction in bakning training content creation costs

Reduction in go-to-launch enterprise banking applications

Faster time to proficiency for new employee and customers
Reduction in knowledge discovery time

Learn how ICICI bank deepens customer engagement and improves NPS by 5 basis points by implementing Whatfix

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