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Improve Productivity On Your Salesforce Platforms with Better Adoption

Equip your Salesforce-powered teams with in-app training to influence higher win rates, shorten resolution times, and improve service quality with the Whatfix Digital Adoption Platform.

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Use Cases / Benefits

Better Sales Task Management

Provide step-by-step in-app guidance to rapidly complete workflows on the Salesforce platform. Eliminate guesswork from complex sales tasks and Identify and automate time consuming tasks to shorten long workflows.

Hands-On Salesforce Learning

Maximize Salesforce adoption and training with personalized, in-app learning flows. With learning in the flow of work, the path to productivity during change management and new hire onboarding is faster than ever.

In-App Knowledge Center

Bring self-service support for Salesforce directly in the app. Build knowledge centers and support flows on the SFDC platform, allowing your sales, support and marketing teams to have easy access to all customer engagement processes and updates when they need it most.
Bring knowledge into where sales people spend the most time. Collate process changes and platform updates from every corner of the enterprise into a centralized and readily available repository. Helpful content never goes out of date with Whatfix.

Learn how Experian drives Salesforce adoption across its global employee base with Whatfix - resulting in a 2X reduction in user adoption time, and ~6hours of productive time given back to users.


Key features that are relevant for this solution

Salesforce In-App Guidance

Break down complex Salesforce journeys into easy guided steps with Whatfix Flows. Customize Flows using branching and automations to align with your organizational sales processes. Transform Flows into automatically updatable videos, PDFs and presentations.


“I realized the value whilst at home on my iPhone. Pretty much every app installed walks me through how to use new features once they are installed. I realized a work application should be no different. In the modern world, people expect change. They also expect change to be made smooth and as easy as possible. Whatfix does that.”

Structured Learning

Create personalized training plans based on individual Salesforce users’ requirements, roles, and platform usage. With Whatfix, diversify your team’s learning with a combination of Whatfix created and externally fetched content that leverage analytics to maximize Salesforce product adoption.

Self Help

Reduce the burden on your support team by creating a self-sufficient workforce with self-service, contextual help embedded directly into your applications.

Salesforce Self Help

By The Numbers

The Whatfix difference

Increase in employee productivity
Reduction on support queries

Reduction in training content creation costs

Reduction in go-to-launch enterprise applications

Faster time to proficiency for a new employee
Reduction in knowledge discovery time

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