Whatfix + Salesforce

Salesforce Clicks Better With Whatfix’s Digital Adoption Platform

Enable Salesforce end-users on Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, CPQ, and any SFDC application with contextual in-app guidance, reinforcement training, and moment-of-need support built with Whatfix’s no-code Visual Editor to drive Salesforce adoption and achieve business outcomes.

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Enable sellers with better Salesforce experiences and drive sales outcomes.

Enable your sellers with contextual assistance and drive Salesforce adoption.

Reduce new seller time-to-proficiency and enable Salesforce end-users with contextual, guided in-app experiences like Flows, Task Lists, and Smart Tips to improve productivity, drive adoption, and achieve sales outcomes. 


Support Salesforce end-users at the moment of need, driving productivity.

Whatfix enables all Salesforce end-users – from AEs, CSMs, and marketers – to complete everyday tasks such as managing pipelines, creating custom quotes, and closing opportunities more efficiently with in-app performance support at critical moments – eliminating Salesforce friction, reducing errors made by sellers, and improving process governance.

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Understand how end-users engage with Salesforce applications and optimize processes

With Whatfix Guidance Analytics, analyze how end-users engage with your Whatfix-build Salesforce in-app content, like Task List completion rates, Flow dropoffs, and Smart Tip views. With Product Analytics, capture and analyze Salesforce end-user behavior and adoption without engineering support, including user actions, attributes, event tributes, and auto-capture to better frictionless CRM experiences and workflows.

Experian drives adoption of its heavily-customized Saleforce CRM by enabling its global sales team with contextual in-app training and support, at the moment of need.


See How Whatfix Enables Salesforce End-Users

In-App Guidance

Use Whatfix’s no-code Visual Editor to create in-app guided content in Salesforce applications like Flows, Task Lists, Smart Tips, Beacons, Pop-Ups, Field Validations, and more. Onboard new end-users quickly with Salesforce Tours and Task Lists, manage constant change with Pop-Ups, drive process adoption with Flows, alert employees of timely information with Smart Tips, and more.


“I realized the value whilst at home on my iPhone. Pretty much every app installed walks me through how to use new features once they are installed. I realized a work application should be no different. In the modern world, people expect change. They also expect change to be made smooth and as easy as possible. Whatfix does that.”

Self Help

Self Help is an in-app resource center that overlays your Salesforce UI and integrates with your end-user support content like your SOPs, playbooks, workflows, company policies, training resources, and more, providing a searchable help center with contextual answers to end-user queries. Self Help entries trigger in-app Flows or can link to external resources.

Salesforce Self Help

Guidance Analytics

Guidance Analytics empowers teams with insights into Salesforce end-user engagement and usage related to your Whatfix in-app content with easy-to-understand user reports. Quickly extract endless data points like how many users finished a Task List, what users completed a mandatory Flow, the most common queries users are searching for in Self Help, the percent of users interacting with Smart Tips, and more.


By The Numbers

The Whatfix difference

Increase in seller productivity
Reduction on Salesforce support queries

Reduction in Salesforce training content creation costs

Reduction in go-to-launch Salesforce applications

Faster time-to-proficiency for new sellers
Reduction in knowledge discovery time

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